Terms and rule

1,We will do refund in 48-72 hours after order id.(only paypal refund and paypal fee not covered except the ones we stated fee covered)
2,Attention: please don't buy more than 2 items in same store(even different day is unacceptable). It is dangerous for you and seller! One buyer can only buy one item from us everyday.
3,please make sure one order has only one product. don't buy product together in one order. Unless we ask you to do. thank you!
4,Please keep your account safe, we are doing long term business and you will always get good products from us!
5,Please do reviews for review needed items, otherwise paypal payments will be on hold. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
6,please contact us in the chat, we have finance and leader here to follow up your order and refund and review.
7,We update all the products everyday, please check here everyday, you will find big surprise!
8,Please do long review with photo if possible, thank you!
9, please don't buy more than 3 items from us everyday.
10, to avoid the dangerous factor of easily wiped by amazon, we suggest you do less than 5 reviews every week.
about the search instructions:
If we asked you to click the sponsor listing to buy but you cannot find the sponsor listing. Just buy the non-sponsor listing if you see it.
If we asked you to click the sponsor listing with one color or style, but you cannot find the color or the style, just check the store name and brand name. Sometimes the other color or style shows up instead of the original one we saw. It always changes.
If we told you the price but you cannot find the product with that price but the brand and store name is same with what we told. Please ask us first.

About purchase:
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